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With over 125 years of combined industrial electronic repair experience, AFI Systems LLC can offer unparalleled service in the field of industrial automation and electronic control system repair. Our store at is just a small part of what we do here at AFI-systems. We have pioneered the successful completion of many previously thought "impossible repairs", by utilizing our vast experience in reverse engineering and redesigning of circuits. Our home office is based in Charlotte, NC, but we are able to offer service to companies around the nation and around the world.

For any type or make of industrial electronic equipment; we can offer in-house, flat-rate repairs, or on-site field service. In addition to getting you back in production, we can offer advice on preventive maintenance issues, and make suggestions for equipment upgrades to improve performance and reliability.

We believe in the complete transparency of the repair process, so we will be happy to answer questions and provide helpful information to your technical staff.

Robotic co-workers working side-by-side with humans will radically change assembly lines
In some small-parts assembly production arenas (such as in the electronics industry) where the demand for products has skyrocketed past the supply of skilled labor, manufacturers are finding it necessary to invest in new solutions. Read about how the world’s first robot capable of working collaboratively, side-by-side, with humans is pushing the boundaries of robotic automation and fundamentally altering the types of industrial processes that can be automated with robots.
Stepping beyond just repairs
Our commitment is not just to repairing electronics but also to understanding causes and rectifying future issues. A recent repair shows how a little extra insight and a simple solution, can save costly repetition of down time in the future.
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