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Stepper Motors
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Stepper Motors

Stepper motors converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movement. The spindle rotates in discrete step increments when the pulses are applied. Here at AFI we offer a 1 year warranty as well, you can contact our trained engineers with any questions at 866-461-8875.

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Automation Direct STP-MTRH-23079, 5 A,1.8 Deg/Step, High Torque (Factory New)

The stepper motor converts the power from the stepper drive into rotational movement. Unlike AC m..

$61.60 Ex Tax: $61.60

Berger Lahr VRDM 597/50 LWC, 5 PH, 1.25 A, 325 VAC (Used Surplus)

Advantages of 5-phase stepping motors Step angle 0.72%.36° (full step/half step) Small step angl..

$365.00 Ex Tax: $365.00

Parker S83-93 (Used Surplus)


$220.00 Ex Tax: $220.00

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